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Local Gippsland Pure Beef - Bred in a Happy, Healthy Environment

MEET THE FARMER! Gippsland has the best land in Victoria and Australia for breeding cattle, to bring you the best quality and tender steak from naturally Grass Fed Pure Beef. Our most recent trip to the seaside farm in Gippsland took us on a journey through green pastures, a nice cup of country coffee, and a few good stories to share about the busy city of Melbourne, something the stress free life of a Gippsland Farmer need not have to think about.

Gippsland Pure Beef Grass Fed Beef Melbourne Vic Steak

Meet the Farmer

Meet Col, the farmer, who is one of the few people in the world today with the vision of raising cattle in the modern way. Col is focused on the entire picture, and a true ambassador of the Paddock to Plate concept which Kelly Cube values. The whole journey starts with the farm and location to ensure these quality animals eat the right food. That's what helps bring out the real flavour of Gippsland Pure Beef.

Meet Samantha the Mother Cow

Gippsland Beef Happy Cow Mother and Baby Victoria

It was so nice to meet Samantha the new mother and her baby calf. With their beautiful green pastures only kilometers from the sea, it truly was a relaxing visit.

The land around Gippsland is generally flat making it ideal for cattle as they do not work or stress out their muscles throughout their life.

Gippsland also receives more annual rainfall than the city of Melbourne. Therefore, there is more natural grass for the cattle to eat. Most people don't realise that most beef is grain fed to change the taste and fat content. Gippsland Pure Beef is Grass Fed and free to roam the pastures. As it bred on quality farm land, it doesn't need to be manufactured like the mass producers.


Meet Bobby the Bull

Meet Bobby, one of the luckiest Bulls in Gippsland. Rainwater on tap, a few good mates, and is quite lucky with the ladies. We got to meet Bobby up close and personal. It's so great to actually know that your fresh produce is coming just around the corner.

You will be able to enjoy more journeys to our Aussie Farmers as we take you to the source of the Paddock, so you know exactly what's on your plate. It's fresh, its fun, it's so local, and it's "Kelly Cube, the modern way to shop for your groceries" Herald Sun.

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