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Nutrition, health and quality are three essential values that Kelly Cube thrives on. We only develop cubes with the least amount of fat; particularly low saturated fats.The best way to prevent these eating of these cancer causing fats is by eating fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh pastas and handmade tortillas. Or by eating our Grass fed. This aged Beef that has been voted a gold medal, for those seeking maximum protein, tender beef with high flavour.

Why is grass fed beef high in nutrition compared to grain fed?

Grass fed beef has a high source of tryptophan. This is due to the consumption and digestive process of the animal. It reacts with the Chlorophyll and enzymes from the minerals in the soil and aligns with the stomach bile of the animal to excrete any hormones or unnatural elements within the animals diet. The overall flavour to beef changes drastically as grass has a fructose enzyme that naturally sweetens the beef giving it that distinctive flavour. Because it is grass fed, it usually lives a happier, stress free lifestyle which is noticeable in the beefs marbling. Even the Fat of the animal compiles flavours over its life span. Making it easier for Kelly Cube to select humane, great quality, well-marbled beef packed with flavour. Isn’t that what eating is all about?

Healthy ,Flavoursome, Quality!

Recent studies have underscored the large difference in carotenoid content between grass-fed and commercial fed beef. Grass-fed beef may contain more than twice the amount of beta-carotene and lutein that is present in commercial fed beef this helps people who struggle with Depression, Anxiety, Irritability, Inability to concentrate and Insomnia (read more on these studies)

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