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Masala Chicken Turmeric and Holi Festival - Challenge Accepted

If you are ever invited into the home of an Indian friend, beware for the most incredible and powerful blend of spices. The Indian culture has mastered the time and accurately measured amounts of spices.

Holi Festival India Colour Food

In 2008 I was offered the opportunity to join a large project in India in the Madhya Pradesh region (known as the heart of India). Through this, I was introduced to so many dishes, rich in flavour. I learned an important rule to Indian food. Any recipe that is cooked fast is not a real Indian recipe. It must be cooked for hours and hours to absorb the flavours and to slow cook the meat into tenderness. So I took on this challenge and made Indian food into a Kelly Cube.Turmeric Colour Health Benefits

What I learned was the depth and art of spice control. Turmeric is used so commonly in Indian food. Waving a big pointer finger I was told in a thick accent "don't overdo the turmeric". I never questioned why as generally it is simply the pungent bitter taste not to overdo, however understanding the science also helps. Turmeric has significant health benefits including anti-inflammatory, digestive disorders, and it is a remedy for muscle soreness, aches and combating infections. Enough of this, all you need to know is that there is a little more thought put into your delicious cube dinners than just incredible taste.

I have also recently connected with some fresh organic turmeric. Have a look at the colour when it is cut in half. Fresh turmeric looks similar to ginger. When cut in half, it has a bright orange colour. In fact, the secret inside fresh turmeric is another natural element called curcumin which has powerful benefits as an anti-inflammatory. Plus, let's be honest, it makes your food look really cool.


All this talk about food and colour has made me hungry. Enjoy!

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