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Lifestyle Review: Empire, Spiegelworld, Crown Casino Rooftop

Half Naked Asian Dude in the German Wheel

An exciting night on top of Crown, presents the amazing circus combining body challenging tricks, hilarious entertainment, burlesque sexy lingerie and a night you will never forget 9.5/10 Highly Recommended.


Empire Australia's Melbourne rooftop bar

Are you looking for a fun night out? With so many acts in this circus, we are still raving to our friends asking “what was your favourite part?”



Somersaulting, Slapsticking & Stripteasing – New York Times



FannyThe show is performed in a small tent, on a stage no larger than a dining table. The opening act gets you ready for the enchantment and amazement as a contortionist performs acrobatic moves in a bubble.

The beautiful gorilla girls, who defy gravity, the very crazy man who resembles something from Alice in Empire's amazing rollerskating duoWonderland tricks with giant hula-hoops, or the co

uple who perform an sexual display of manouvers, and then between acts, the very funny potty mouthed duo who really break the ice with the audience with their banana and l

ive audience interaction.


We won’t give too much away, but here at the Kelly Cube Team, we highly recommend all of you to

change your routine this week, make some time and prepare for a stunning night on top of Crown.

You can buy tickets directly from Spiegelworld through the following link:

Last show 11th May 2014

Our very bendy Miss A in a Bubble






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