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Fitness & Health - The Biggest Trend Right Now

Ever since Australia was declared "The Fattest Nation" in the world in 2008 there has been an increasing trend in health and fitness. We've seen Instagram personalities like Kayla Itsines go from a few hundred followers to millions with sponsors around the world vying for her as their own personal trainer. There are new diets popping up everyday claiming faster weight loss. More and more fad juice detoxes pop up every month in shiny new stores. All these things are great in making the public more aware of their health but the solution to a healthier life isn't always in the new fads. 

It's great to become more health conscious but like every great thing moderation is the key! You can't expect to go to the gym everyday for four weeks and expect the routine to keep going for the rest of your life - you'll burn out. The complete dismissal of sugar from your diet will leave you with withdrawals and an even greater urge to binge on sugar as a treat later on. 

Here are some key things to keep in mind for those endeavouring to be more health conscious! 

  • Don't skip meals! You'll end up eating a bigger meal later due to hunger from the meal you didn't eat. 
  • Always eat breakfast. You can't drive a car with no fuel so why restrict your body also? You may be busy for work but it takes less than ten minutes to put some yoghurt and muesli together, Weet-bix and milk or toast and Vegemite even!
  • Avoid sugary drinks such as sodas and alcohol as often as possible.
  • Aim to be healthy 6 out of 7 days a week with regular, well proportioned meals. That seventh day should be treated as a splurge. You can have a whole day of eating anything you like or just one meal of delicious calorie laden fat. The splurge allows you to drive off temptation every other day and keep you on track - make it worth while. 
  • Cook all your own meals. This way you don't get additives and preservatives from processed foods and already made meal kits. If you're busy during the week have a cooking day on Sunday and separate your meals for each day. This way you can just grab and go each day knowing you have a healthy meal waiting to be devoured. 
  • Avoid fast food - note tip above. 
  • Just like splurge days you should give yourself a break from exercise one day a week. This allows your muscles to recover if you're a keen runner or iron junky. 
  • Pumping iron should be done every second day whilst toning exercises such as yoga, pilates, swimming, walking, etc can be done everyday. 
  • Avoid doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) on days you go to the gym to lift weights. If you must, do your heavy lifting before you cardio training.

At the end of the day do what makes you happy because then you'll likely to continue. 

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