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No Processed Meat; 4.5 Star Health Rating Baked Chicken Nuggets Kelly Cube

Amazing news, eating smart means we don't have to eat processed meat. In today's press release from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) experts conclude that processed meat give you cancer. Fun and Healthy meal kits by Kelly Cube mean eating healthy is FUN!

"My 7 year old was running the kitchen" - Jane (Physiotherapist - Melbourne)

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When most people think of nuggets, they think of the frozen processed type. It is convenient, fun and easy. And we can continue to eat this delicious food using fresh free range chicken, golden toasted bread crumbs, and a delicious dipping sauce which is infused with fresh herbs.

But here is the fun part. We have turned Cauliflower into Popcorn. It's amazing, natural spices such as Tumeric (which has a whole world of amazing nutritional benefits) also helps to make the cauliflower popcorn a natural glow of real popcorn. So you get Nuggets and Popcorn for dinner. Healthy right? Also, cauliflower has been linked to cancer prevention. Now this meal kit pretty much promotes everything healthy in a fun way.

A 2 Person Meal Kit makes approximately 1.2 kg of food. The idea is that healthy food is to be enjoyed and you are not meant to go hungry because food is delicious.

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