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NEW Meal Kit Vegieburger Stack with Halloumi Cheese and Salad

To all our Vegetarian friends, or anyone who enjoys eating healthy. We have great news for you... as you have been asking for new exciting vegetarian recipes, we have make it real! Finally, after a lot of research, we found the best Vegieburger supplier in Melbourne, this family based business started making Vegieburgers from scratch 15 years ago. Now, they have 6 different varieties that we will explore very soon and include them in future cubes.

Come pass the Greville Street Shop to say hi or choose the delivery method and get a delicious, healthy and fun Vegieburger Stack with Halloumi Cheese and Salad Cube.

In a hurry? Don´t worry about it, it only takes 13 minutes for the cooking and preparation time! Pretty good huh? and its only $12 

To learn more about the Vegieburgers click here 

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