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Healthy Ready-To-Cook Meal Kits

Three New Flavours on the Menu.

Ready To Cook Meal Kits come complete with all the Raw and portioned produce you need to cook a meal in around 15 minutes.

Now on the menu:

Eye Fillet with Tunisian Spinach:

The highest quality cut of eye fillet is complemented with a special Tunisian herb mix. Tunisia is located in Northern Arfica, close to Morocco. Release the natural oils of the herbs and sesame seeds into your nutritious sautéed spinach.

Chicken Fillet with Citrus Cous Cous

Cooking is fun with a zesty citrus cous cous combined with currents. We believe that fresh is the tastiest. You squeeze half a fresh orange into the cous cous. But what do you do with the other half? No wastage. Squeeze the other half into a glass, mix with the supplied cranberry juice, and combine with ice. Add an optional dash of soda and you have an amazing virgin cocktail to go with your dinner. Dinner is fun.

Spinach and Three Cheeses Cannelloni:

A favourite by all, so simple you make 8 delicious cannelloni using fresh made pasta in only 10 minutes. Then pop in the oven. But where is the twist? Try grating a fresh nutmeg seed. What an experience. Fresh!


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