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Summer Beach Salad

The Summer Taste is on everybody's lips. Quick and Convenient Salads for a BBQ, perfect for the healthy lunch or dinner. This Summer Beach Salad takes only 10 minutes to cook.

Eating healthy food is easy when it tastes this good. This salad is great for sharing and feeds two people. Part of the secret is in the high quality fresh Aussie produce. You know vegetables are at their nutritious peak when they are freshly picked, and the best way to tell is by feeling and smelling them for their firmness and natural aroma. As soon as fruits and vegetables are picked, they start to decay. The fresher your produce, the more nutrients you get. Fresh fruits and vegetables are proven to be the highest source of vitamins and minerals, purely because they are completely natural. Most people simply enjoy them because of their taste and texture.

For this salad you will need:

Free Range Chicken Breast

Baby Cos Lettuce

Vine Ripened Cherry Tomatoes


Green Beans

Fresh Mint

Red Chilli


Fresh Beach Dressing

Jasmine Rice

Bean Sprouts

This salad takes only 10 minutes to make. Simply pan fry or BBQ the lean chicken breast. Whilst this is cooking, prepare the salad by roughly chopping the cos lettuce leaves, combining the fresh herbs, blanched green beans and cherry tomatoes. To make the dressing, squeeze the fresh lime juice into the Beach Dressing container and add chopped chilli and garlic. Apply the lid and shake. Place thinly sliced chicken over the salad and pour over your fresh dressing. Jasmine rice is an optional summer rice to add to this salad. We love to serve this salad on a sharing plate, and top over the fragrant jasmine rice.

Summer Beach Salads are a fun and healthy way to stay fit and bring excitement to your BBQ afternoons. Enjoy!

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