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Summer Beach Salad - Fun and Convenient - 10 mins to cook

Lamb Basket is a Vietnamese inspired dish using lettuce leaf as your plate, filled with fresh local made rice noodles, and a delicious mix of lamb, mint, chilli and lime. This Summer we want to eat fresh and fun! Follow us as we explore food and the world of amazing recipes, fast to cook, and made from our quality Aussie farmer produce.

This recipe is incredibly fun, and like none other. It is definitely a sharing meal. Simply place all the ingredients in sharing bowls in make your own. A little like taco night, this recipe creates a talking point.

To make this, you will need a fine piece of lamb rump. This rump is placed into the Vietnamese lamb marinade. Now you decide, allow it to marinade and soak in the flavours, or cook it straight away. By following the recipe, the marinade will have the same effect by using our simple 'basting' technique.

What really makes these lamb baskets is the fresh local made rice noodles, made right here in Melbourne. Almost all noodles and pasta is made overseas now, so finding a quality local producer of rice noodles was a little tricky, but we found one. They make them especially for us, and they only take 5 seconds to cook.

We want to hear your stories. Have you tried this recipe? Or a similar one either cooked by you, or overseas?

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