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Japanese BBQ Recipe with a Summer Salad - Delicious, Easy, Fun

Want a fun Summer BBQ? This Japanese Recipe tastes delicious, and is so easy and convenient to cook in only 15 minutes. Called Negimaki Rolls, you BBQ Asparagus wrapped in beef with a fresh Japanese Salad of cucumber, carrot, radish and sesame seeds. What does Negimaki mean and how would you describe the BBQ culture in Japan?



Having a Japanese BBQ is a new Australian thing. It’s amazing how delicious the fine Japanese cuisine tastes when grilled on a BBQ. Negimaki Rolls means “Spring Onion Wrap in something such as beef. We added fresh Australian Asparagus. Yum… Japanese food is so well presented. It’s so easy make, and so rewarding when you do it.


We love this Japanese Salad:

A light fresh and healthy dressing over fresh vegetables. So easy and delicious. Here is the recipe.


The ingredients:

  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 Radish
  • 1 tsp Black and White Sesame Seeds
  • Japanese Dressing



Slice: Cucumber in half lengthways, then cut on an angle to make ½ cm half moons.

Thinly Slice: The Radish

Peel and Julienne: The Carrot (note if you don’t have a Julienne Tool, use the grater and continue to grate the carrot lengthways to make carrot ribbons)

Mix the ingredients with the Japanese Dressing and make a pile on each plate.

Garnish with Black Sesame Seeds.





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