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Cool Zucchini Wraps - Try These Healthy Fun Fresh Appetisers

Growing up, my mother always made me eat healthy. I never got the Kit Kat in my lunchbox. If healthy food was this cool, delicious and easy to make… imagine. These Cool Zucchini Wraps are so fresh, and part of the secret is the home made pesto you make yourself with fresh herbs and nuts.


Although this is available in a Kelly Cube, you can make this anytime as long as you have the fresh ingredients. Just make sure you use all of the ingredients (most excess food placed back in the fridge ends up in the bin at the end of the week).


We have a few tricks for this fun meal to make it easier. This is a fun recipe for kids or even when entertaining guests. It’s fresh, healthy, and raw (doesn’t need cooking), although we have tried it on the BBQ grill and it also tastes great.


To complement the Cool Zucchini Wraps, we chose to cook a Portuguese style chicken. The Portuguese love spices and Paprika. Chicken grilled over flames can add to the flavour, especially when using charcours of the Zucchini Wraps quench and neutralise the rich flavours. If any of you have travelled to Portugal, you will know that food and wine bring their families together. I am yet to introduce the Cool Zucchini Wraps to my Portuguese friends, but am very excited to share my new flavours with their incredible cooking.


If you have any questions about these wraps, have tried this Kelly Cube, or have a version of your own, I will start a conversation thread on our Facebook page.

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