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Heirloom Carrots - Brighten Your Dinner Plate

Colour, fun, friends, cooking, lifestyle. Warm the winter nights with a little foodie love. Inside your healthy fresh food box last week you got delicious heirloom carrots to play with, and the photos looked amazing!

Heirloom carrots don’t just look great, they taste incredible! And they grow in purple, orange, yellow and white.

What about the health benefits? Let’s look at purple carrots. Studies have been completed on these carrots and the results will make you want to eat more of these vegetables. High vitamin C and E, High carotenoids, extremely strong antioxidant effects and high anthocyanins. What does this mean? In summary, anti-carcinogenic effects, strong antiflamatory properties, great for your eyes and even improved vascular strength. Healthy to a T.


And to cook… Very easy!


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