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In Season - Asparagus - Health Benefits and Recipes

What's in Season this Spring ? Fresh Asparagus hand harvested only 60 km from Melbourne. Healthy and delicious, the powerful health benefits of Asparagus make it so easy to enjoy from Char Grilled Salads to Japanese infused Negimaki Rolls.

Gourmet Food Delivery Melbourne Spring Box

Locally Grown Asparagus is hand harvested in the first week of Spring when the weather starts to warm up. Not the prettiest plant to grow, but a great way to give your dinner some colour with great nutritional values.

Nutritional Benefits

Asparagus is rich in protein, low in calories and low and carbohydrates, an excellent source of potassium, folate, vitamins A, C and K, and traces of vitamin B complex. With a great source of dietary fiber, asparagus is also rich in niacin, phosphorus and very low sodium.

How Does This Nutrition Keep Me Healthy?

Simple, it helps clean the body of waste material. It especially cleanses the Kidneys.

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