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Sichuan Pepper Makes Your Tongue Go Numb Naturally

When placed on your tongue, sichuan pepper activates touch receptors making them feel like they have vibrated rapidly giving a numbing sensation. This new research really brings a new dimension to this spicy food, and this week's feature mapo dish. Many places in Europe, where cheeses or champagne was named after the city as a sign of quality standards. The Sichuan Pepper, however, is a fiery little pepper which grew all over the province and hence was naturally in every recipe in the area due to it's convenience. The large amounts of pepper in the food makes it one of the most popular cuisines in China. Sichuan is a popular tourist location. With a population of over 90 million, it...

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Wild Mushrooms of Australia - Explore Edible Mushrooms - Kelly Cube

Mushrooms can be very dangerous, so many are edible, but without the correct knowledge, many can make you sick. Today we share some of the delicious edible mushrooms you can find in Australia, some of which are available at your specialty grocer, and some are much more rare. Gills The first thing you will learn about mushrooms are the Gills. In the photo above, you will see gills which resemble that of a fish. The gills are a papery hymenophore located under the cap of the mushroom. This helps many people to identify the mushroom, however the mushroom uses the gills to disperse of spores as is breaks down the surrounding environment. Pores Other mushrooms have pores which are like...

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Blue Cheese vs Gorgonzola

Have you ever wondered what the real difference is between Blue Cheese varieties? The taste, the crumble, the texture. We hunt down a few Blue facts, and compare them to a common North Italy variety called Gorgonzola.   Naming a food after the town of origin is like a traceable trademark of quality. Gorgonzola is a nice town located just outside Milan. Although today there are stables in the town from the farms which used to surround the city, it is now modern suburbs. Gorgonzola cheese, to put is simply, is more mild and crumbles. Commonly used for cooking, you may have eaten it on a pizza. Almost all people have heard of Gorgonzola, but few people have actually cooked...

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Pandanus Screw Pine Fruit - Weird Fruit from North Australia

Look what i found! In my search to find native Australian produce, I reached out to my friends in the far north to find out more about this, what it tastes like, how to eat it, and how to cook it.

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