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South American Food - Recipes Ingredients Restaurants

Explore food and discover South America as we take a food journey through 4 countries to taste Argentinean, Peruvian, Colombian and Brazilian food. Restaurants will be visited, their recipes, and the culture that you can experience right now, in your own home.

Mendoza, Argentina

Our route starts in Mendoza, the wine capital of Argentina. Tender quality Porterhouse is on the menu tonight, but with this amazing city in the north-west of Argentina has a lot to offer with a relaxing day visiting the vineyards.... by bicycle. (Click here to read the full blog on Mendoza and the Recipe)


Macchu Picchu, Peru

Next we climb to 2430 meters altitude to the Cusco region in Peru. Breath is short as the air is thin. For dinner, we are cooking the traditional Lomo Saltado, (jumping steak), which consists of pure beef, tomatoes, red onion, potatoes, and rice, all infused with a variety of flavours and spices, which we will need after climbing Macchu Picchu. (Click here to read the full blog on Machu Picchu and the Recipe)


Cartegena, Colombia

Heading north to soak in the warmth and sun, in the old city of Cartegena. Situated on the Caribbean coast, this amazing city, full of old Colonial building from the years 1533-1717, and today the city still stands, surrounded by a thick wall and cannons (protection from the pirates). The houses today are vibrant with colours, and the streets are full of latin music and street vendors. It is here we dance, drink, and eat the Colombian Arepas. (Click here to read the full blog on Cartegena and the Recipe).


Copacabana, Brazil

Vive Brazil, with the sand between your toes, acai in hand, and let time pass.... in the most fun and amazing beach in the world!!! Home to the Brazilian Carnival, we gather with some friends and cook up Moqueca de Camarao - Brazilian Shrimp Stew. This doesn't take long to prepare with the right ingredients on hand, so to prepare for this meal at sunset, we will first have a little fun. Hangliding and Sugar Loaf Mountain, followed by some Footvolley on the beach of Copacabana. (Click here to read the full blog on Copacabana and the Recipe)


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