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Melbourne's Best Grocers - South Yarra

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 Our Journey to Support Local Farmers


Australia’s award winning and leading produce supplier Kelly Cube Wholefood Meal Kits is now available to purchase from Melbourne’s top grocers including Gum Tree Good Food in South Yarra (114 Toorak Road). No need to wait for a delivery, these healthy and fun meal kits are packed fresh everyday and ready for you to pick up from your local.

Kelly Cube is a platform for local farmers to sell direct to the customer. “Our local stores provide one of the links for us to connect this incredible produce with all people” says Cam (owner and creator of meal kits).

Melbourne's Best Grocers - South Yarra Food

It is faster than take away and they are a lot of fun to make (in only 10 min). We are tackling obesity head on with our healthy meals, but they are not only for people trying to lose weight, people find it easier to invite friends for dinner knowing that every single piece of produce is there, plus it has a serious wow factor.

 Families love seeing their kids cooking, and we have a lot of people pick one up after the gym. They save time shopping and reduce cooking times giving people that extra time for friends, family, and leisure activities.

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Awarded Overall Best Product in Australia - 2015 Food Awards



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