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Chimichurri and the Argentinean Parilla (BBQ)

Chimichurri is the best new condiment for steak that Melbourne foodies love. The secret is the fresh herbs and spices, and the time taken to prepare the sauce. Join me on my journey as I share with you my story of Chimichurri and Argentina.


The base of the Chimichurri is made with fresh parsley, oregano, bay leaf, tomato, capsicum, onion, salt, pepper and some additional special ingredient I learned during my 2 years in South America. Anyone can make this condiment, but a family recipe always has a good story to tell. Time is a very important ingredient. Kelly Cube Chimichurri Gourmet Steak Sauce Argentina Melbourne Australia recipe

Our Kelly Cube Chimichurri recipe takes 90 minutes to prepare, however the longer you leave it the more it has the chance to infuse the fresh flavours and aromas.

Argentina Map Gippsland Pure Beef Kelly Cube

My first time I traveled to Argentina was in January 2007. I was introduced to the captivating culture which mixed the strong backgrounds of the Italians and Spanish who migrated as early as 1810, and the indigenous Argentinians. Today, Argentina has one of the richest lifestyles in the world, with Tango, Vino (wine) and the love of ‘parillas’, an Argentinean BBQ which brings together families, friends, gauchos and anyone who loves good food.

Last weekend I cooked an Argentinean Parilla for my friends using cooking techniques I learned from some gauchos (Argentinean cowboys) in the northern part of Argentina. I used low heated wood fired coals on a Webber. Using a large cut of porterhouse with the fat on, a slit was cut in the middle, and the meat was turned inside out like a sock. The result… whilst the meat was cooking, the juices which naturally want to flow out of the meat, now flowed to the inside. Furthermore, the inside was filled with the fat, keeping the meat even more juicy and full of flavour. I slow cooked this meal for 2 hours the Argentinean way.

 Kelly Cube Argentina Parilla BBQ Chimichurri Sauce Gourmet Food MELBOURNE recipe

Another trick I picked up from the Gauchos was to cut a capsicum in half, remove the seeds, and crack an egg inside. Again, this was roasted for 2 hours over the coals, slowly cooking the egg within the roasted capsicum.


The beef was served the traditional way in Argentina. It was cut on the BBQ, friends ripped pieces of crusty bread to hold the beef, and added our famous Kelly Cube Chimichurri Sauce. Absolute 10/10. Not something you could whip up for a midweek dinner, but definitely a great way to spend an afternoon with friends around the BBQ and share stories.

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