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Moray of the Mount Andes - Taste Your Cusco Adventure

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A trip through the rich history around Cusco show how advanced the Incan's were. Food was survival and the Incan's created created new techniques allowing diversity of fresh produce throughout the season. 

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Moray is a place half way between the city of Cusco and the famous Machu Picchu. There lies a fascinating site called Moray. Now, most of the true history and meaning behind this Incan ruin has disappeared during the Spanish take over. However what we do know from recent studies is that due to the design, depth and orientation, the sun and wind can create a temperature difference of 15 degrees C. The Incan's were forward thinkers about the seasons, when to plant crops and creating a calendar, so this site could have been a research facility for crops (close enough to the university at Machu Picchu), or it could have allowed for more diverse crops to grow (a little how we use green houses).

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