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Pandanus Screw Pine Fruit - Weird Fruit from North Australia

Look what i found! In my search to find native Australian produce, I reached out to my friends in the far north to find out more about this, what it tastes like, how to eat it, and how to cook it.
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All scientific reports talk about it growing in the far north tropics of Queensland, as well as Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. To my surprise, this is a well known bush tucker to the locals in the far north of Western Australia.

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The north of Western Australia is still being discovered. Only 30 years ago, the incredible Bungle Bungles were accidentally discovered when a film crew, who were filming a documentary near Kununurra, was told by a local Aborigine that their doco was boring, and they should see the Bungle Bungles. The only access there was by foot, or helicopter, and with all their equipment, the set out through the air. Today, the Bungle Bungles is one of the most fascinating natural formations in Australia.

Bungle Bungles Discovery Aborigine

I lived in the East Kimberley for several years, and not once did I notice this Pandanus Screw Pine, or the fruit it bears. Now I am on the search to get one. The locals do not eat it commonly, but it makes for a great snack with it's sugary sweet taste. The fruit has a strange form, with a giant seed at the centre, and beautiful chunky bits that you can break off. The chunky bits you can chew on. And people are becoming clever and roasting the seed, in preparation to make delicious chutney.

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More to come on this fruit. What an amazing discovery.

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