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Sichuan Pepper Makes Your Tongue Go Numb Naturally

When placed on your tongue, sichuan pepper activates touch receptors making them feel like they have vibrated rapidly giving a numbing sensation. This new research really brings a new dimension to this spicy food, and this week's feature mapo dish.

Szechuan Pepper Mapo Tongue Numb Food Science Health Recipe Kelly Cube

Many places in Europe, where cheeses or champagne was named after the city as a sign of quality standards. The Sichuan Pepper, however, is a fiery little pepper which grew all over the province and hence was naturally in every recipe in the area due to it's convenience. The large amounts of pepper in the food makes it one of the most popular cuisines in China.

Sichuan is a popular tourist location. With a population of over 90 million, it is also home of the pandas. Take a look.

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