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Skip to the Beet of My Heart - Why Candy Beets are So Good

You often find some interesting vegetables in your Kelly Cube's and I get many questions such as, what is it? and what nutritional benefits does it have. Candy Beets, or Chioggia (as it is traditionally called) is one of those intriguing vegetables that tastes great, looks amazing and makes any raw salad into something so edible. So lets find out more about this cool vegetable.

candy beet cool recipe salad

Origin of the Candy Beet

Fresh harvest chioggia beetrootThis type of beetroot was once a wild plant which grew along the seashores of the Mediterranean and Northern Africa. It was first harvested around 1830 by the Italians who grew heirloom varieties. These were grown close to Venice in a town called Chioggia, and was named after the town. Naming products after the town (eg Champagne) seemed popular in those times, and perhaps one day, Chioggia will have its glory and fame.

How to Eat the Candy Beet

delicious summer salad kelly cubeCandy beets are grown all year round in cooler climates. They have a distinct ruby red and pure white pattern when cut in half. If you cook these beets, they actually lose their vibrance. And once cut, they do start to oxidise so the best way to eat them is raw.
One technique I tell everyone, is to cut them as thin as you can. Apart from getting more slices, I believe they give a much better texture, plus it adds a bit of fun to the kitchen

to see who can get the most slices.

Health Benefits of Candy Beets

Research has recommended that increasing consumption of beetroot treats Anemia, manage blood pressure, good for brain and dementia, increase exercise capacity, boost stamina and many more.

cook bright salads kelly cubeCandy beets have fantastic health properties, and the colour and fun of these beets make it an easy addition to your diet.

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