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Wild Mushrooms of Australia - Explore Edible Mushrooms - Kelly Cube

Mushrooms can be very dangerous, so many are edible, but without the correct knowledge, many can make you sick. Today we share some of the delicious edible mushrooms you can find in Australia, some of which are available at your specialty grocer, and some are much more rare.

Velvet Foot Mushroom Edible Kelly Cube


The first thing you will learn about mushrooms are the Gills. In the photo above, you will see gills which resemble that of a fish. The gills are a papery hymenophore located under the cap of the mushroom. This helps many people to identify the mushroom, however the mushroom uses the gills to disperse of spores as is breaks down the surrounding environment.


Other mushrooms have pores which are like long tubes. Slippery Jacks are a common variety of specialty mushroom found in the winter time. Spores are produced on the side of these tubes which are pushed through and out into the air.

Slippery Jack Mushroom Red Hill Forage Find Side Road

The Enoki Mushroom

ThereEnoki Mushroom Common Grocery Melbourne Sydney adelaide Brisbane Perth are many types of the enoki mushroom family. These mushrooms grow in the dark. Enoki mushrooms take 90 days to cultivate and prefer a much colder environment with a controlled carbon di oxide level. There is a more common enoki mushroom whcih you will find in next week's delicious meal kit.


We are also on the search for other special mushrooms including the Velvet Foot Mushroom, which is also from the enokitake family and grows in Winter.It grows long and thin until it finds a way out and looks devine.

Flammulina velutipes Mushroom Enoki Snow Melbourne Sydney Australia Gourmet

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