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Now think... What drives your passion? Any passion, just think, inspire, create, evolve and believe.
Kelly Cube has evolved into something I never imagined. Fundamentally, it is still and always will be a platform for local farmers to sell direct to yours truly. What has exploded, is the idea and truth that it is a tool which has evolved a diet into a lifestyle, a medicine into a taste, an addiction into a something socially acceptable.
But there has been one (of many) pieces of my puzzle which I have not yet had the chance to share with you until now. My obsession to travel and connect with cultures from around the world is very much a part of Kelly Cube.
Today, I invite you to be a part of a preliminary trial of a future stage of Kelly Cube as I open up borders and share food and travel in what I hope is a the creation of a new and exciting adventure through the eyes of Kelly Cube.


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