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Delivery Times - Schedule

This page is currently being updated. We now deliver to all of Melbourne and Sydney. We are always available to talk via phone/SMS/email 0402 552 623

Easy delivery for a fresh meal that is so easy to cook. Have your Kelly Cube delivered to your home, office or local pick up point.

  1. Delivery Schedule
  2. Delivery Cost
  3. Benefits of using your local





1. Delivery:


Office Delivery

Between 2pm-4pm

Between 8pm-10pm

Home Delivery

Between 11am-12pm

Between 6pm-10pm

Local Shop

Ready for Pick Up from 5pm


How much time in advance should i order online?

1 hr before.

Our gourmet meal kits are packed fresh. Just like your projects, the more time you allow us to plan your delivery, the higher quality service we can provide. Please order before 2pm for same day delivery. There is also a selection of meals available at your local retailer.

Missed the cut off time?

Local Pick Up Points also stock a fresh range of meals in their fridge. However to avoid missing out your favourite, it is recommended to order online in advance. To view what they have (click here)

What if i really want the meal?

We pack fresh cubes, they don't magically appear in the fridge. We can specially make your meal, and pending on availability, it won't cost anything more. Simply contact us via phone or online through our contacts page.

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Home / Office Delivery:

We deliver to your home / office in the following areas:

We currently only deliver to the following zones in Melbourne:

View our delivery zones in more detail (click here)

We can't wait to add more areas to our zones so if you are not currently in the list above, let us know on our feedback page. We would love to hear from you.

2. Delivery Cost

Current Special



Deliver to your LOCAL

Office Delivery

Home Delivery







We keep our delivery price so low.

Compare delivery (click here)

Conveniently pick up your meal kit for free from your local pick up point

3. Benefits of using your LOCAL

Pick Up From Your Local Deliver To Your Home / Office

Delivery is Free

You are supporting your local

You can choose from the entire range

Convenience is around the corner

Cheap delivery (compare)

Delivery cost is not hidden in the cost of the product

You can choose from the entire range

Convenience of door-to-door service



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