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How to Pay Your Invoice

Paying your invoice is EASY!

Designed so that you keep in control of what you want to each each week and how much you spend.

Direct Bank Transfer

This is the preferred payment method. Why? Simple. It reduces merchant fees on our side from around 5% to almost nothing. Working together helps us to keep the cubes coming every week.

Payment instructions can be found on your invoice.



Yes, you can pay via PayPal as part of our effort to keep the process convenient.

Please note that merchant fees are around 2.6% (which we pay), however if this is your preferred method then we fully support you.

Payment Instructions:

Pay to:

Payment amount: See your invoice



Request a Different Meal Plan this Month

Want more Gold Range Cubes? Maybe you want to try the Eye Fillet?

Follow the link and request different cubes this month. We will update your invoice and simply "keep the cubes coming"

Link: Request a Different Meal Plan Online Form

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