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Do you have a question about Kelly Cube? Here is a list of the most common. If you are still unsure, we would love to here from you. To contact us click here.

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Kelly Cube Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    Why Kelly Cube?

Kelly Cubes are designed purely to support Australian farmers and producers. Our secondary mission is to support local businesses, and feed people, who tend to be health-conscious, time-poor.

2.    How do I get a Cube (meal kit)?

Order online or on phone 0402 552 623. Simple select the meal by recipe and add to cart. You can make a single order for the week, or start a meal plan and receive meals every week.  We deliver to your home, office or your local store. Pick-up points are shown on the map online.

3.    Where do you deliver?
We currently deliver Melbourne and Sydney.
4.    How long does a Kelly Cube last?
One week.
5.    How much does it cost?
We keep the pricing very simple and cheaper than supermarkets, 10 times the quality. Click here for cost.

6.    How many items are on the menu?
6 available on the online menu ( . Each week our members are sent a new menu with 15 different recipe selections.
7.    Is it already-cooked, or is it ready-to-cook?
Kelly Cubes are Ready-to-Cook Meal Kits, we save you time from shopping, and you cook it yourself within  10 or 15 minutes.
8.    What’s so good about the Kelly Cube packaging?
Winner of Best Packaging in Australia. The plastic cube has properties that when closed keeps the moisture level inside the cube the same for the veggies, and any bags (meats, quinoa, etc.) inside the cube are vacuum-sealed. It is reusable, recyclable and locally made.
9.   I work late, can i get a meal delivered at 10pm

10.    Are there Gluten-free Cubes?
Yes, any menu items online with a green GF symbol indicates it is gluten-free. 80% of our meals are Gluten Free.
11.    What if I ride my bike?
Cubes are designed so you can travel and take them home, in a bag or carried by the yellow string. You can also have them home delivered.
12.    Missed the delivery cut off time?
Local Pick Up Points also stock a fresh range of meals in their fridge. However to avoid missing out your favourite, it is recommended to order online in advance. To view what they have (click here).

12.    Special Orders, Events, Birthdays, Engagement Parties?
Simply contact us. We pack fresh cubes, they don't magically appear in the fridge. We can specially tailor your meals, and pending on availability, it won't cost anything more. Simply contact us via phone or online through our contacts page.

Cost of a Cube

How much does a cube cost?

The cost of a Cube should equal the the cost of the quality produce inside. Essentially you get the recipe, packing of the produce and the reusable and recyclable packaging for free.

What is a Blue, Gold and Black Label Cube?

This is simply a colour identifier for the quality. All colours have the same premium quality, Blue Label cubes just use more cost effective meats and vegetables, whereas Black Label tends to show your Aged Grass Fed Eye Fillets and special Vegetables such as Candy Beets.

Is it like outsourcing my shopping?

Yes, add up the time to research recipes, shop for the produce, and the probability of wastage from 1/2 used produce, and relate that time to a dollar figure, we provide all of this to you for FREE.

Delivery and Pick Up

When do we deliver?

We delivery everyday, Monday - Friday.

We Deliver Everyday?

Office 2pm-5pm

Home 6pm-9pm

Pick Up from your local store

Pick Up from a Kelly Cube Grocer Shop

To reduce cost, we have a free delivery service* on Tuesday's.

What are the Delivery Costs?

Order 1 or 2 Cubes:

Pick Up from your Grocer Shop (FREE)

Pick Up from your Local Store (FREE)

Delivery to your Home/Office (Upgrade *Current Special 1/2 Price $4.50)

Order 3 or more Cubes:

Home, Office and Local Pick Up is all FREE

The Menu

What can I order for tonight or later this week?

You can order from a selected few of our favourite fast to cook meal kits. We keep the selection small so you can choose your dinner more easily. If you only eat a Kelly Cube once every now and then, we recommend using this menu

I only see a few recipes and meal kits on the menu. Are there more?

Yes, we have 280 meal kits (and counting...). If you eat a Kelly Cube on a regular basis, you may want more variety. Become a member on a meal plan and we send you a different menu every week with 15 Cubes (meal kits) to choose from.

Are the recipes healthy?

Yes, 95% of meal kits are designed to be healthy. The devil on our shoulder has created a few "Naughty" Cubes (meal kits). Live a healthy lifestyle and you can afford to endulge once every now and then.

Can I order a Cube (Meal Kit) for Tonight?

Yes, meal kits are packed fresh everyday. In the City and inner suburbs you can order a meal kit to be ordered ASAP. Some areas we ask that you order before 2pm to give us sufficient time to pack and delivery your meal kit.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

What is the Quality of the Vegetables?

Export level quality with maximum taste. Vegetables have the highest nutrition when they are fresh picked. We focus on premium quality vegetables to ensure your meal has incredible flavour.

Farm 2 Plate

Our seasonal recipes are focused on the locally grown produce. We meet with local farmers and purchase produce direct and for fair prices. Sometimes we need to find produce from our nearby farmers in places like Queensland, so our limits are within Australia with a huge focus on Victoria.

Quality of Meat

What is the Quality of the Beef?With a strong focus on Farm 2 Plate, our beef comes direct from the farmer and his family farm. All beef is Grass Fed and absolute premium quality 3 week aged, and tenderness guaranteed. Gippsland Pure Beef is grazes on Victoria's best grassy pastures making it rich with flavour.

Big congratulations to Paul for winning a Gold Medal at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards. This is the highest award for beef in Australia. We officially have the best beef in Australia.

What is the Quality of the Lamb?

Bronze Medal Award - Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards

Gippsland Lamb is happy lamb. Succulent and tender.

What is the Quality of the Pork?

In line with our ethics, only RSPCA Approved Pork is used.

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