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The Foodie Tour

Welcome to your special invitation to try a selection of our top rated meal kits.

Since 2012 we have shared our special recipes across Melbourne and Victoria using the highest quality local produce from our farmers and producers. The journey has been a lot of fun, and today we have over 280 complete meal kits

You have special access to try a selection of our top ranking meal kits including superfoods, gourmet sauces, delicious healthy dressing and fun ways to cook. Simply select your range to get started.

  • Blue Label  contains $9.75 of raw produce    (2 or 4 People)
  • Gold Label  contains $14.25 of raw produce  (2 or 4 People)
  • Black Label contains $18.50 of raw produce  (1, 2 or 4 People)

 Click the picture below to view the menu get start your adventure.



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